Male Height – Not Always About Being Tall

How to Grow Taller - Celebrity SecretsMale Height - Not Always About Being TallFor the guy that would like to become taller but either hasn’t yet started to increase height or has recently decided to get taller using height increase methods, one effective way to accentuate male height can be as easy as feeling comfortable with himself.

Male Height; Clothes Really Do Make the Man

Well first of all, we need to start by clearing up that in almost every case we don’t advocate the use of shoe lifts.  Sure, there may be medical conditions or some other reason that I’m currently unable to think of where the use of a shoe lift may be appropriate.  Personally, I’ve never experienced one of those reasons but they’re probably out there.

No, what we’re talking about is the fact that one way that shorter guys can distinguish themselves is to look, well…distinguishing.  One thing that many short guys are guilty of is buying clothes that are too large.  They immediately go for the larger size because on some unconscious level buying a shirt with the “L” in the label makes them feel a little taller.  Well, that is until they put it on.

These guys are actually sabotaging themselves.  When shorter guys wear larger clothes, they actually diminish their silhouette even further, making themselves appear shorter. They’d do themselves an immense favor by paying less attention to what the tag says and more attention to the way their clothes can actually flatter their form – if they fit correctly.

But let’s face it: most guys just aren’t style-conscious.  Most of us would rather just throw on that favorite old t-shirt and jeans than fret about whether their tie matches their shirt (or is that just me? :D).

Luckily, there are resources for us to turn to.  Two outstanding websites for style for the shorter guy are and  Check them out for tips, guides, how-to’s and all-around great advice on how to choose and wear clothes that will flatter you, not sabatage you.

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