“I Want to Grow Taller”

How to Grow Taller - Celebrity SecretsI Want To Grow TallerIt seems like a fairly simple request, doesn’t it? After all, so many people take their height for granted – some to the point that they actually complain of being too tall! However, for many of us that are naturally “height challenged,” the answer to how to grow taller is a mystery that has eluded us for much of our lives.

It seems as if there are a million and one scams, shams, lotions, potions, and schemes available online that try to tell us how to grow taller. But is any of this stuff worth it?

I wanted to know myself, just a couple of years ago.

I must have tried everything on the market, and the only way that I may have gotten taller was because my wallet wasn’t as heavy and it wasn’t weighing me down! I posted more details about my ordeal on the How to Grow Taller Blog About Page.

Check it out. I’m sure that many of you reading this have experiences that are similar. Frustratingly similar.

In order to successfully grow taller, there are three fundamental variables that you must take control of:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Stretching
  • Recovery

Proper nutrition means much more than just eating your vegetables every day. That’s important – actually, extremely important – but it only serves as a foundation for your overall height-increasing goals.

To put it bluntly, if you are an adult and your growth plates have fused, you aren’t going to get any taller by simply eating well. Since you have completed your “natural” growth process, you will have to rely much more heavily on the other two tiers for any chance of true, permanent height increase. Even so, it’s immensely important to practice optimal nutrition habits every day.

If you are an adolescent or young adult whose growth plates haven’t yet fused, then nutrition is just as important. Simply put, you have to feed your body well in order to give it the vital tools (nutrients) it needs. Even so, if you are nearing the end of your natural growth cycle, you will need to do more than simply eat well.

Exercise and stretching techniques are the second tier in the height-increasing triangle and they are crucial for adults whose growth plates have fused and important for younger people as well. Proper stretching and exercise techniques performed safely can help you grow taller, but they must be performed adequately and routinely.

Recovery is a necessity for anyone that wants to grow taller. Recovery means adequate sleep every night as well as adequate rest periods between exercises. You simply cannot overwork your body and expect it to react positively.

If it seems as though I’m being rather obtuse in this post, it’s because I am. So many people want to know how to grow taller, but they aren’t willing to take the necessary steps to grow taller without attending to these oh-so-vitally important three areas first.

In order to grow taller at any age, first take stock of your nutrition, your exercise, and your recovery habits and your goals. Find the spots that you know are weak and adjust them accordingly. You simply cannot build a skyscraper on a weak foundation.

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