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How to Grow Taller - Celebrity SecretsHow to Increase Height - Proper NutritionAdolescents and teens that want to know how to increase height, if you want to know the single most important element to successfully increase height, it’s maintaining proper nutrition.

As if it hadn’t been said enough, more evidence has been presented that suggests that proper nutrition is not only important, it’s VITAL to increase height.  This is particularly true for adolescents since they are in the time of their lives that their bodies are capitalizing the most on the benefits of nutrition for height.

Swedish physician Dr. Ingemar Swenne of Uppsala University Children’s Hospital concluded a study that has shown that adolescent girls that have suffered from stunted growth due to eating disorders have actually started to grow taller again after their weight stabilized back to normal.

This is extremely important for several reasons.  The first is that it proves, without a doubt, just how important nutrition is at all points throughout the lifespan, but particularly during adolescence.  Secondly, it showcases the human body’s remarkable ability to overcome and thrive even after what seems like would be a devastating blow to its ability to progress and mature naturally.  These points should be construed as very positive for anyone that wants to increase height naturally.

How to Increase Height; Your Body Knows How

The details of Dr. Swenne’s study proves it:

  • The young girls studied that were suffering from eating disorders, particularly ones that resulted in inadequate nutrition many times were able to “catch up” on their body’s natural growth cycles if they regained their natural weight soon enough.  This could, however, take several years in some cases.
  • Most of the girls studied suffered the weight loss before their menstrual periods had begun.  Girls who lost weight before menstruation did experience smaller increases in both weight and height.
  • Out of the girls studied, approximately 75% began menstruation during follow-up on their progress.
  • After recovery and exhibiting healthier weights, the girls showed weights and height increase that were similar to their peers.
  • It was found that the youngest of the patients suffered the least amount of progress and were less likely to grow taller than their peers, possibly due to the shock to their bodies from malnutrition.
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    its amazing what the body can do. i like this site. i like the info. thank you for this site. 🙂

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