How to Grow Taller (part 1) – Stretching Exercises

How to Grow Taller - Celebrity SecretsHow to Grow Taller - Stretching ExercisesIn spite of the so-called “common knowledge” that is widespread not only in the general public but also in the medical community, it is possible to increase height by learning the right methods of how to grow taller even after puberty and after the body’s growth plates have fused.

However, there are limitations.  For example, a man standing at 5’6″ should never expect to reach or exceed the height of 6 feet tall utilizing methods proven to show how to grow taller naturally.  The human body’s biomechanics are simply not going to allow that much of an extension.

However, it is entirely possible to learn how to grow taller by adding an inch, two inches, three inches, and – in some cases – up to four inches of height growth.

There really is no secret that you have to know in order to increase height naturally.  It’s really all about working with your body’s natural flexibility and ability to adapt in response to positive, external influences such as nutrition, supplementation, stretching, and exercise.

The How to Grow Taller Series will be a multiple-part informational course.

How to Grow Taller Exercises Warning

How to Grow Taller Series – Stretching Exercises

It should come as no surprise that the act of stretching plays a significant role in learning how to grow taller – particularly if you are looking to increase height after your growth plates have fused and your body’s natural growth cycle has concluded.

There are several forms of stretching exercises that can be used to increase height including standard stretches, warm-up stretches, yoga, and pilates.  The primary reason for stretching exercises is to keep the body limber and flexible and to also take advantage of the naturally elastic properties of the soft cartilage located between joints and spinal vertebrae.  This cartilage can be safely flexed with proper grow taller exercises, proper rest and proper nutrition.*

*Note – “Proper” is the key word here. There are many stretches and exercises posted on the web that advocate the use of improper stretching techniques.  Even many sources that advocate proper stretching techniques do not supply the “full picture” and are simply re-hashing incomplete information found elsewhere.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that anyone engaging in stretching exercises to follow a comprehensive guide that advocates proper form, proper order of exercises, and proper nutrition.

Grow taller exercises such as stretching exercises should be initially entered into with moderation that matches your current ability level and work up gradually to prevent injury.  The initial stretching exercises will enable your body to become limber and adept at the movements so that it will be fully acclimated to the motions to move on to the more advanced routines.  This is very important to prevent serious injury.

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