How to Grow Tall – Don’t Eat Like an American!

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Want to Know How to Grow Tall? Avoid Eating Like an American

How to Grow Tall - Don't Eat Like an American

One of the best indicators of the overall health of a population is its average height.  And until just a few years ago, the citizens of the United States were the tallest in the world.  Additionally, Americans tended to enjoy overall better health than the populations of any other nation in the world.  That trend has since come to a screeching halt.  The populations of Western Europe now enjoy the distinction of being the tallest populations on Earth.  And if that isn’t enough of an indicator that Americans’ health (and overall height) is declining, then the fact that the differences are growing larger certainly should be.

Americans are not only not growing taller than they used to, they are also dying sooner.  Americans’ life longevity has slumped in recent years during just about the same time that they began to decrease in overall height.  The references vary slightly, but the oft-reported figure that shows up over and over again is that the U.S. ranks somewhere between 28th and 38th in the world for life expectancy.  This ranking is well behind that of nearly all western European nations.

The tallest men in the world are Dutch.  The male height of the average man in the Netherlands is 6’1″.  The average male height of an American man is just 5’9.5″ in comparision.

How to Grow Tall – It’s Not Just Wealth Anymore

It used to be that a population’s wealth was a good indicator of how tall and how much its citizens weighed.  That’s not the case anymore.  In the past, the wealthier individuals were almost always significantly taller than their poorer counterparts.  For instance, in the late 1700’s the height difference between the rich and the poor was almost nine full inches.

In spite of the bombardment of news articles, its not even the quality of healthcare that helps a population grow taller.  If there was such a direct link between height and healthcare quality, then it would be true that worldwide height would match up even halfway with the vast expansion of increased healthcare in countries that were previously all-but-void of modern vaccinations and other preventative medical care.  To further drive the point home that medical healthcare doesn’t equate to population height, consider that the drop-off decline of American height took place in the last half of the 20th centure – during the great majority of which U.S. healthcare was considered to be the best in the world.

How to Grow Tall with Better Nutrition

Even though food has been available in what can only be described as abundance to most people in America, the invention and mass acceptance of junk food has led to the country’s decrease in overall height.  It’s no secret that this phenomenon has also been the primary contributor of skyrocketing obesity rates as well.

Americans are not just shorter, they’re fatter as well.

Many physicians and health researchers point to the USDA’s food pyramid as another cause of short, fat Americans.  It is said that the food pyramid not only emphasizes foods that are rich in calories, but also poor in nutrition.  It states that the vast majority of human dietary needs are filled with grains, with vegetables and fruits second, followed by dairy products and proteins.  Fats – ALL fats – are described as something to be avoided altogether.

This is nothing short of an outright lie.

In fact, the USDA’s food pyramid is a great plan to follow if you want to be shorter, fatter, and suffer from diabetes.  For further proof, look at the USDA’s food pyramid recommendation of eating “fortified” breads rather than unadulterated whole grains.

And because people live faster, busier lives that all-but-demand more convenient eating options, they frequently turn to even worse junk foods even though the majority of them are well aware that there are health consequences.  What most people don’t know, however, is just how detrimental those health consequences can be.

When real food is substituted for processed grains, sugar, and processed petroleum – the chemicals (yes, Chemicals!) that make up a large part of most junk food – it forces the body to switch over into a “starvation mode” because of the dearth of real nutritional value these foods have.  The body begins to demand more food even though it has been fed because it knows that even though food has entered, it still needs nutrition.

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  1. Kevin L.
    Posted November 4, 2008 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has witnessed how awful many people eat. And it’s not just in the U.S. but I think that it may be worse here. I mean, there are fast food places on every corner. They’ve made it too easy for us to become fat, short, under-nourished consumerist automatons – or just “consumer” for short. 😀

    Anyway, great site! Great info! It’s a real breath of fresh air compared to the lies and scams that are all over the rest of the ‘net!

    Keep up the good work!

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