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Everyone always have a question of whether there exist any supplements for increasing height is always there, which has no correct answers.  There are several elements that explain whether a dietary supplement assists in increasing height and an individual age plays a great role in increasing height with health and general diet.  This article clears the myth that is been around supplements as they are believed to assist in growing taller.

 The word supplements mean herbal, vitamin supplements and sometimes supplement also mean doctor-prescribed hormones that might help grow taller.  Similar to exercises, supplements also assists a person to grow taller only if a person consumes them as a child.  Calcium is the widely-known supplement for growth of bones and there are other vitamins that promote great height such as vitamin A, D, and E.  All these vitamins helps in preserving the mass of bones for a longer period as an individual age, thus helps in preserving the height of an individual.

 Until now, no herbal supplements have been clinically proven to increase the height of an individual.  The real grow taller supplements that assist to grow taller should have Human Growth Hormone or HGH and all the supplements claim that they have HGH effects.  But the only real supplements that can help to increase height are the one that comes from the doctor-prescribed endocrines.  HGH should be taken with proper care otherwise, it make many serious ill effects on an individual and doctor prescribe it only if any other drug therapies does not work with an individual.

 The prescription is normally given for children and treatments for adults are very uncommon and not prescribed as it does not have any effect on the health.  It is also important to note down that HGH not only helps in increasing height but also increase the width and weight of an individual, which would sometime negate the effect of added height.  But the fact is genetics is the most important and sometimes only element that describes the height of an individual.  A well-balanced diet with proper exercise can also help an individual to grow taller, but this should be properly taken care from the childhood.

 In adulthood, all the above factors help in maintaining the height but not actually increase the height.  In closing, good exercise and a balance diet not only helps in retaining height but also helps in maintaining the overall health of an individual.

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