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There are a lot of people around the world who want to be taller, all for their own reasons.  There are a lot of advantages that being tall offers, including having more admirers and better self-esteem.  There are even some people who need to grow taller, such as dwarfs who can have a variety of different health problems as a result of their smaller condition.  While there are different products and techniques that are supposed to be able to make you taller, the most definite is the grow taller surgery.

 The grow taller surgery is a procedure that has been relied on for some time now, but which has only really become more well known over the past few years.  This surgery works because the surgeons cut the shin bones and half and then every month they stretch them out.  They lengthen the legs to add height to the body and usually there will be more than one procedure involved.  Not only are these procedures extremely painful but also costly.

 Dwarfs are the people who most often go through for the grow taller surgery and not always just because they want to be taller.  This condition causes their legs to bow outwards and can make it very difficult for them to walk and get around.  Most dwarfs suffer from bowed legs which cause them to walk funny and the bones in their legs are bent causing them a lot of pain.  In turn not only is their bowed legs condition usually solved, but they are taller and have better posture as well.

 Risks and complications can come along with any procedure, especially one that’s as invasive as this.  For anyone who’s considering going through with this procedure, talking to a medical professional in the field will be the first step.  The surgeries on average are $200,000 each and there will need to be several so it’s important to make sure you’re going to have the funds to afford this before getting started.   These surgeries are usually not covered by health insurance, but under some plans you may get some help financially.

 During the surgery you’ll be completely out but afterwards is when the real pain begins.  After the surgery physical therapists work with you, bending your knees and stretching the muscles so that the new bones will join on properly.  This can be devastating pain but there are some people who have to go through it for health reasons and others who feel it’s worth it just to be taller.  Just make sure that you talk to your doctor if you’re interested in having the procedure done, as they will need to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for the grow taller surgery.

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