A Serious Question: Is It Possible To Grow Taller?

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There are so many people out there today who wonder is it possible to grow taller.  Even for people who may already be quite tall, it may be a dream of theirs to be that little bit taller.  Whatever the case may be, you know that you’d be more confident and happy if you were taller and this is the case then you should know yes, it is possible to grow taller.  For anyone who is shorter and wants to get taller, they often wonder is it possible to grow taller?

Of course there are a few things that would help you look taller.  Of course the simplest things would involve wearing shoes with a platform or standing up straighter so you have better posture.  If you actually want to grow taller, you may be interested in the grow taller device known as YOKO.  This device comes in a package of two pieces which look just like insoles that go into your shoes.

 They look similar but work quite differently, as these are specially designed to conform to your foot in such a way that they’re actually stimulating the pituitary gland.  These are specially designed to hit certain areas of the soles of your feet, and in turn are able to stimulate your pituitary gland which is what controls the growth of your body.  For just under thirty dollars, it’s worth trying out.  It’s also important that you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, to get proper nutrition if you want your body to keep growing.

 Then there is also the option of the grow taller surgery.  This is a limb lengthening surgery which involves lengthening of the legs, in order to achieve an increase in height.  Basically what happens during the surgery is new bone is added over the course of several different procedures.  After each procedure, a physical therapist works with the patient to move their legs back and forth, moving the muscles to help the new bones join in correctly.

 These procedures are not only excruciatingly painful but as well quite expensive.  As well the procedures are very expensive, each costing around $200,000.  These types of surgeries are not often covered by health insurance, so if it’s something you’re considering you’re going to want to check your healthcare plan over to see what you’re entitled to.  At least it’s relieving to some to know that it is possible to grow taller.

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